About Us

IT-Works was founded by current managing member Tony Bath and his brother Andrew Bath, 13 years ago. Both Tony and Andrew worked overseas for a number of years in late 90’s and were exposed to many new and existing technological advances in their global travels. On returning to South Africa both ended up pursuing their interests in a career in IT and worked for a global Internet Service Provider.

Tony managed a technical team that vetted the sales team’s solutions and Andrew was an account manager with the responsibility of managing the existing and new clients. During this time they both gained invaluable experience in various aspects of IT. After 5 years with the global Internet Service Provider Tony took the bold step of starting IT-Works Business Solutions.

Tony and Andrew had discussed the need for a company in Durban to fill the niche of providing exceptional service and products to the SME and SMME markets. They were exposed to service levels overseas and a business acumen that they wanted to emulate here in Durban in their own company. It was from this simple beginnings with just one client that IT-Works started 13 years ago. Over the years they have grown and adapted to the fasted paced world of IT to ensure that their clients continue to get outstanding support and reliable, cutting edge technologies whilst always going back to the original idea of – Making IT Simple!

IT-Works aim is to provide outsourced IT services and support for the SME and corporate market. Catering for all IT business requirements. IT-Works has combined a collection of product offerings and services to enable us to provide custom solutions to our client’s individual IT requirements.


To serve as an inspiration to the industry, our customers and colleagues through everything we do in order to be the leading outsourced IT company.


  • To build long lasting relationships with our customers by constantly exceeding their expectations

  • To empower our customers and colleagues by sharing our knowledge and experience in the IT industry

  • To supply only the best products and services

  • To be accountable through taking ownership of our responsibilities

  • To improve the lives of others by contributing to the community

  • To create a profitable environment by working together as a team

  • To ensure the highest standard in customer support is always maintained