What Are the Benefits of Formatting a Hard Drive?

What Are the Benefits of Formatting a Hard Drive? Over time, a computer’s hard drive may experience malfunctions due to wear and tear, viruses, or programs that cause system conflicts and bog down the PC. To help maintain and resolve performance issues, reformatting the hard drive on a yearly basis is advisable. After formatting a hard drive and reinstalling the operating system, software program conflicts or glitches should disappear, and the computer’s performance will improve significantly. It’s like doing a tidy up of your filing cabinet. Drop us a mail if you need your laptop or Pc reloaded – sales@itworks.co.za

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SimplySecure endpoint security system

It’s time to start thinking about encryption for your Pc’s and mobile device to protect your data, in case your device get lost or stolen and lands up in the wrong hands. Speak to us about SimplySecure – sales@itworks.co.za SimplySecure is the only web-managed endpoint security system that can enforce encryption and security policy – including wiping at-risk data – on Windows & Mac PCs, iPhones & iPads, Android mobility devices and USB Flash devices from one unified administration console.