You come home and want to transfer your files from your iPhone or iPad and when you open iTunes you get an error message “Apple Push Has Stopped Working” you restart your machine and even try re-open iTunes and still the same.

Step 1 Close ITunes or any other Programs

 Step 2 – Go to My Computer (or this PC if you are using windows 8 or 10)

Step 3 –  Click on Local Disk (older PC’s will show as C Drive)

Step 4 – Click on Program files

Step 5 – Click on Common files

 Step 6 – Click on the Apple folder

Step 7 – Click on Apple Application Support

In the Apple Application Support Folder look for the file called APSDeamon as you are going to rename that file to APSDeamon.BAK, once you have done that close everything and open iTunes. Problem Solved.

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