How to set up POP/IMAP Email Account on your Tablet in 8 easy to follow steps.

Step 1 – From the home screen please Click “Apps”.

Setup Mail on Tablet Pic1


Step 2 –Click “Settings”

Setup Mail on Tablet Pic2


Step3 – Scroll down and click “Accounts”

Setup Mail on Tablet Pic3


Step 4 – Click “Add accounts”

Setup Mail on Tablet Pic4


Step 5 – Click” Email”

Setup Mail on Tablet Pic5


Step 6 – Please enter your “Email address and Password “and click “Next”, the tablet will attempt to complete the setup if the email server details are available.

Setup Mail on Tablet Pic6


Step 7 – If the account is successful, you will see the account options page and please click “Next” to finish.

Setup Mail on Tablet Pic7


Step 8 – Finally please Enter your name and click “Done”

Setup Mail on Tablet Pic8


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