So what is Google drive?

Google Drive is your own personal storage space in the Cloud on a the Google server. You get up to 15GB free Storage on Google drive, if the 15GB Storage space is not enough you can purchase Google Drive’s unlimited storage plan for $10 a month. Google Drive Syncs all of your documents to a specific folder on your Computer, any changes you make locally on a document will automatically get backed up to Google drive.

Step 1

Sign in to your Google account using your Gmail account.


Step 2

Once you are signed in, click the little blocks at the top right hand corner, then click Google Drive and it will redirect you to the Google Drive Page.


Step 3

You can start adding files to your drive by clicking the create button on the left and you can upload your files from your PC by clicking the little up arrow.


Step 4

You can also download Google Drive on your cellphone by going to the Google play store on your Samsung Android phone or go to the apple store on your iPhone.

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