What is the Snipping Tool?

Snipping Tool is a print screen utility, you can take screenshots of an open window (entire screen). The capture can be annotated using a mouse and stored as an image file example a JPEG.

Step 1: Go to search box on the task bar and search for Snipping Tool, once you see the results click on Snipping Tool.



Step 2: Once you have opened Snipping Tool, click on the new button and then select the area that you want to capture. You also can choose what type of screenshot you want to use: Free-Form Snip, Rectangle Snip, Window Snip and Full-Screen Snip.


Step 3: Once you have captured a snip, you can use the different color pens and highlighter’s to write or draw on the snip by selecting the pen or highlighter.



Step 4: Once you are done you can save the Capture.

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