IT Managed Services

O365 Out of Office

Bottom left of screen press the play arrow.  

Transcribe Teams Meetings

How to transcribe your Teams meetings into a Word document.  

POPI Act – Securing Data

With the POPI Act now here, we have clients asking, “Is my data secure?”, “How do we protect our critical data on laptops and desktops?” – IT-Works continues to Make…

Tips & Tricks – Passwords

How secure is your password? A strong password is the number one factor in online security. Having password123 is just not good enough! We have a few tips and tricks…

IT-Works Support

How to reach out and get excellent support from the IT-Works support desk? We have made it even more simple! Go to the IT-Works website  and click on the big…

Is your computer slow?

Is your computer slow? Are you tired of waiting for Windows to load? Upgrade your hard drive and experience faster performance. Book your laptop or desktop in with IT-Works and…